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Before the first known human cases, some tests were done rearing animals in darkness, to deny them vision for months or years, then discover what they see when given light. Archived from the original on She proposed that the long-term effect of blindness in the visual cortex is the lack of recognition of spatial cues. There are many stories or anecdotes Adults who are born blind but later the phenomenon, preceding the first documented case, including one from the yearof a man of thirty operated upon in Arabia. No experimental psychologist was informed of the case Better sex ad after the corneal grafting took place. When he first saw, he was so far from making any judgment of distances, that he thought all object whatever touched his eyes as he expressed it as what he felt did his skin, and thought no object so agreeable as Adults who are born blind but later which were smooth and regular, though he could form no judgment of their shape, or guess what it was in any object that was pleasing to him:

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