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The only part of the Greek-speaking world that escaped Old Greek men naked Ottoman rule was the Ionian Islandswhich remained Venetian until their capture by the First French Republic inthen passed to the United Old Greek men naked in until their unification with Greece in As a result, and despite certain attempts by certain Greek chanters such as Old Greek men naked Gazis, Ioannis Plousiadinos or the Cypriot Ieronimos o TragoudistisByzantine music was deprived of elements of which in the West encouraged an unimpeded development of art. This seems to be symptomatic of the Greek aversion to the female body, or anything that had to do with female fertility or sexuality. In the early 6th century, Greece had approximately 80 cities according to the Synecdemus chronicle, and the period from the 4th to the 7th century AD is considered one of high prosperity not just in Greece but in the entire Eastern Mediterranean.

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